Thursday, May 22, 2008


I have never loved being this wrong.

I will admit I thought the finale was SUPER painful, of what I actually saw. I went to bed half way through...right after the train wreck that was the Brian Adams resurrection, which was preceded by the drugged Diane Summer disaster. I did DVR the rest of it, and will most likely fast forward through all of it until the winner announcement.

My man won! As DC points out, this will make it signigicantly more difficult for me to bed him. But because of my selfless nature, I don't so much mind.

Could he have made a better album if he came in second place? Most definitely. Will he still do fairly well for himself? Of course. Just look at my girl Kelly.

But he looked very happy and humble...and all good words that start with "H."

I very much wish it was Friday. This week is taking forever.

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