Thursday, May 29, 2008


So I stayed awake last night, tossing and turning.

I'm bored again.

You know the drill. After about a month of taking a "break" from dating, I get the itch again.

Now that some harrowing work events have come to a close for the foreseeable future, my job has gone back to sucking just enough for me not to be all that motivated to find a new one. I've come back full circle from utter misery to simple complacency.

It is terribly hard for me to get motivated lately. And that applies to everything: going out with friends, getting to the gym, job searching, grocery shopping, dating...everything seems to require way more effort than I'm willing to expend. So I end up at home, in my absolutely stellar apartment, usually going about my daily routine and quite happy about it.

Now I must clarify.

I'm not living in filth or anything. I haven't stopped obsessively cleaning/organizing/putting away or showering or going to work. It's just that when I'm home, I really don't want to leave. And just the thought of going anywhere after work except home/couch, leaves me exhausted. I can't get my work clothes off fast enough when I get in the door. There is a trail of them up the stairs and into the bathroom. My shut in warbrode is getting quite a bit of use.

But I've digressed. And definitely contradicted myself. If I'm saying I don't have the energy/motivated to do much, then why would I want to open up the dating can of worms again?

Great question. I'm not sure of the answer.

Alas...Bored. Dating. Continue...

So last night, while tossing and turning, I was thinking about how I would pen a new "dating profile." It occured to me that maybe I should just write about why I like things, rather than a laundry list of what those things are, or a list of the character traits I believe I possess. Can I really explain, eloquently and genuinely, why I find the majority of reality television to be an actual study on the vast human psyche, which also happens to be extremely entertaining when done right? Or will it just come across that I am a one dimensional couch potato?

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