Monday, May 12, 2008

It's become evident

My blog has been pretty lame lately.

Maybe it's my life as a shut in. I don't have any decent material anymore because stupid, annoying people do not pierce my bubble nearly as often. And those that do are at work, and I can't really go into detail on that (so unfortunate).

I'm obviously feeling a bit insecure. Here's why: I just bought a couple hundred dollars worth of pants on I definitely had my fingers crossed when I hit the "submit order" button. I have a vague idea that they might fit but let's be was a random and careless thing for me to do. Especially since I used the recently paid off credit card. Whoops.

All this...and who knows how much longer I will be gainfully employed.

My prediction: The pants will come in the mail and I will either 1. Wear them a few times, trying to convince myself that I made a wise retail decision, but be uncomfortable the entire time because they are baggy everywhere they aren't supposed to be or 2. Put the pants on and be just thrilled and pat myself on the back for an (actual) wise retail decision (I did get 10% off) OR finally 3. Try them on, realize they don't fit at all and then suck it up and either return them at an actual store(which is what all this was supposed to help me avoid in the first place) or in the mail.

Let's pull for option two. Let's pull REAL hard. I need this break.

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