Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Like Whoa

Oh man. I'm back from vacation.

The work piled up all around me while I was gone. I'm in the process of digging out, became acutely overwhelmed and thought I would write a blog entry instead.

Vacation was wonderful and relaxing. The weather was great. My grandmother didn't stop feeing me the entire time I was there and I logged about 12 hours of sleep a day (not to mention about 5 pounds). I didn't go near a computer, or a television. I read my book. I took in some "Men over 55" Softball. I did some bird watching and some garage saling...not to mention a large dose of early bird specials.

Because I've never had a vacation without some sort of incident, my neck froze up on Day Three. This hasn't happened in about two years. I'm thinking I finally relaxed and it screamed out in protest "What happened to the tension we are used to?!?!" Instead of going to the emergency room for pain killers, my step mother and grandmother went next door to the retired nurse neighbor and "borrowed" some of her stock. Fantastic. That got me through a few days. My neck and shoulder are really stiff, and the worst in the mornings. I may see if I can get in early with the good ole neck doc.

I know I won't elicit any sympathy, but I did get a nasty sunburn on my chest. On Sunday, the last full day we had, I just laid out and burned for about an hour. That did the trick. It's been a while since I've experienced a sunburn with full on winter gear over it (plus back pack). Ouch.

Alright, back to it. Oof.

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