Thursday, August 16, 2007

A would be rant

So I started to write this really angry post about how much I hate eHarmony and all the guys on it and how dating totally sucks and how I hate this much.

But really. Tomorrow will be better. I will see Adam, in all his bloated glory and I will sing along to every song at the top of my lungs until I lose my voice and I will drink cheap beer and maybe even throw up on the stranger next to me. It will be euphoric.

And life isn't that hard. This week has just been kind of shitty and I'm sick of dealing with all of it.

Then on Saturday...I have to attend a wedding. My parents will be there and I'm sure I'll hang out with them most of time, because they will be more fun than anyone from high school that I was never really friends with then, so why hang out with them now. And I will try so hard not to be depressed about the fact that there will be people there from high school who are married...and how I am not even close to being married...

Fucking eHarmony. If I didn't pay all that money for it, I'd call it in.

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