Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The beat goes on

eH Jason handled the rejection really well. The poor thing...he asked "why" which is just an indication that he's gotten the same line before. He is very nice, but just sort of a lumbering jughead.

Insert heavy, heavy sigh here.

What's a girl to do? I ran away to the Cape on Saturday morning and returned yesterday morning. I haven't gotten up at 4:30am since the last time I needed to catch a flight. Bru-tal. My day went surprisingly well however...despite some trauma in the workplace which I of course cannot disclose in this forum. Let's just say I'm having some trouble trying to keep everyone happy and keep the natives at bay. It is a difficult task. To add to it, my trusty office administrator has been gone for a day and a half now so I'm balancing the front desk duties with the rest of the work load. It wouldn't be especially taxing if I could retain any amount of information, which apparently I cannot.

I don't feel as if my life is an busier than before, yet it seems there is too much to do and not enough room in my head to remember to do it all. Drop off dry cleaning, pick up dry cleaning, go grocery shopping, clean apartment, read magazines, finish reading the book you've been reading for almost a year, watch netflix movies, return phone calls (this has become an unpredictably daunting task), change sheets, call about new doctor, deposit expense check...I won't continue to bore you. I'm just not sure why I can't get my act together and get it all done. What has happened to me?

The good news: Lunch happens soon and it's a beautiful day.

Oh oh oh! And let's not forget the Counting Crows concert on Friday!!!!

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