Friday, August 10, 2007

The theme from Jaws is the theme of my dating life

I have date number three with eH Jason tonight. I promised myself I would give him another fair shot, and go into it with a positive attitude. I deserve that, and so does he.

Unforunately, he hasn't let me take a breath all week. He talks to me CONSTANTLY all day online. I tell him I'm busy in hopes he'll get the hint. He stays away for a while, but then pipes back in. It's too much. It's overkill. He's all "entertain me" and "you are the coolest girl I have ever met" and "I really like your perfume...what kind is it?" He's being more a girl than I am. Let's not forget his "All you need to do is bat those eye lashes at me and I'll be your slave" line. And did I mention the over use of emoticons??

I'm sure he'll be a great guy for a lovely lady, but he isn't for me.

Let me explain why. I haven't done anything to deserve his seemingly undying devotion and attention. I've been on two dates with him. That's it. He confessed to me today that he had even less of a spine in his past relationship. MAN she must have been a bossy bitch. I feel bad for him...but I don't want an errand boy/slave. I want a man, a man with passion. There's no fire in this guy. He thinks his job is boring and he wants to move out in the middle of nowhere...he doesn't like to drive...he likes techno music...he talks through movies...he has a cat...he doesn't seem to care too much about his appearance. Sure, some of that is petty and trivial. But add it all up, folks! There's just nothing there. And trust me...I would like there to be. Like I said...he's nice, he's dependable, I have no doubt he'd make a great Dad.

Kissing him is like kissing my brother...if I had one.

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