Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Love in an Elevator

Yeah no. I wish. I just really like the song.

Nothing too new to update. eH Jason is still rather chatty with me online...and I'm trying to train him to understand that talking to me everyday isn't really standard...because I'm NOT his girlfriend. I think he's getting it. It's kind of horrible, but the attention is nice. What an evil woman I am.

What else? The concert was AWESOME. Jen and I came ridiculously close to meeting Adam and then totally chickened out. It was fun and absolutely hilarious because she all but pushed me into a Port-o-Potty. A complete comedy of errors. Still a wonderful time, as always with Ms. Jennifer.

I went to a wedding on Saturday. It was a semi-nightmare. For a few reasons. First of all, it wasn't my wedding. Second of all, it was the wedding of someone who should NOT be getting married before I do. Third of all, it was the following times about ten: That awkward conversation you have with people that you went to high school with when you bump into them and kind of have to talk to them even though you never talked to each other in high school...and the small talk is torturous and you hate your life for those 3 minutes that seem like 15? Over a period of 5 hours. With no hard alchohol. And on a farm. And I was bloated. And my Dad was pimping me out.

Someone actually asked me the following question: "So why were you invited?"

My response? "There always has to be a guest that looks better than the bride."
Smile and wink. This was followed immediately by a nervous laugh from the person I was talking to and me saying "Please, I'm kidding."

Sarcasm was officially dead. And really...that's all I got.

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