Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Things to do when you're bored at work...

...but still trying to look "busy"

1. hassle others into blowing off their jobs to play games on the internet with you.

2. write notes no one will read on your facebook page.

3. walk around and start saying "goodbye"'s one week early.

4. take long trips to the bathroom, intentionally or unintentionally.

5. when given a real work task, delegate to your replacement immediately.

6. write lists of things you intend to do at home, but that you will most likely continue to put off because, let's face it, you're kind of lazy.

7. shop online (this is less fun when you don't have any money).

8. daydream about your new flat screen television.

9. listen to voice mails and then hold the receiver to your ear long after the recording has finished (hold between shoulder and chin while typing lists for extra "busy" effect).

10. Put post it's labeled "mine" on items on your desk that are obviously not at all yours, and wait for others to comment, then act as though you have no idea how those post-its appeared. Alternatively, blame it on the cleaners.

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