Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I want hooters

This past Saturday, Donald and I were puzzled as to where we should get lunch whilst out on our errand running. I suggested Kelly's originally and he wasn't so much having it (can't really blame him), but then I remembered that a new restaurant had opened up recently right down Route 1.

And yes, that new restaurant is none other than the infamous Hooters.

Now I had never been to a Hooters but I have always ALWAYS wanted to go. I had a picture of what it would be like in my head but N=nothing, however, could prepare me for the full blown adventure that is lunch on Saturday at Hooters in Saugus, MA.

First of all, there is an endless line to get in. It was 1pm and it was almost akin to waiting in line at Target on tax free weekend. When I got inside, I immediately understood why. It really is very warm and welcoming. I think it's all the wood paneling.

There is orange EVERYWHERE. The ladies are in tight white tank tops and ridiculously short polyester orange shorts. Yet, none of the men (that I could see) were oggling or being rude. They, like myself, were taking in the entire sensory experience. There were families there! Everyone from Grandma checking out cleavage to little Joe eating curly fries, completely oblivious to what was going on around him.

The wings (I had to get wings) were amazing and the prices were reasonable. There were flat screen TV's as far as the eye could see. What's not to love??

Now, I'm sure that later in the evening, things get a little shifty. When the men start knocking back those beers, the ladies who are employed there most likely put up with some serious bullshit. Keeping that in mind, I gave our lovely waitress Kacey (Kaley? Kailen? who knows) a very generous tip.

But I will return to investigate and frollic in the night time (if I can even get past the door) and report back to you. I promise.

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