Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The one where modesty completely escapes me

Something was brought to my attention last night by a very dear friend (lots of love, CJ) that had seriously never occured to me. I'm not lying. Not at all.

People are jealous of me? Or maybe we should call it envy. Is there a difference?

Now I don't mean all people and would not be able to tell you who. But after about ten minutes of convincing, I came around to this: If I really sit back and evaluate myself from someone else's perspective (or at least try, this is nearly impossible), on the surface of things, I really have my shit together and am pretty awesome.

Honestly, I had no idea. To me, I'm a big giant mess with mommy issues.


Donald said...

You are so totally awesome! Love you.

Phan said...

Awww Donald. My ever loyal cheerleader. I love you, too.