Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Oh Chariot

It's common knowledge that when one thing in my life starts going fantastically well, everything else goes to complete shit.

Now that I read that over, I realize it may be a bit melodramatic. Ok...quite a bit melodramatic.

The Chariot (my car) and I got into a bit of a fender bender on our way home this past Friday evening. Not entirely our fault in actuality, but because of insurance and "fault" and all that, technically my fault because I rammed her into the back of a Santa Fe. She and I are both pretty upset about it. She's still driveable but in rough shape. She's worried about her fate, as am I.

The best part about this accident? I told myself that the next time something major happened to her that I would seriously look into replacing her. I've avoided having a real conversation about it because I know she'll be very upset.


Anonymous said...

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Melissa said...

Oh my god, I had an accident Friday morning, isn't that strange? Hope you're okay. My car - oh, it's ugly at the moment.