Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I think you need a Bro, bro (Part II) aka The Un-Breakup

(Please read Part I first)

So on Sunday, I gave AM a call. I told him it turns out I'm not ready to date and that it wasn't fair to him for us to continue seeing each other. He protested quite a bit, of course, and then hung up on me. I was relieved. Alright! That's over!

Not quite.

He then proceeded to send me a series of text messages saying how harsh it was for me to do this and how he could never be friends with someone who would do that and I would never hear from him again. Alright! That's over!

I wish.

Early Sunday morning, he sent me a series of drunken messages saying what an asshole I was and screw you and you're an asshole and you're immature etc. etc. Ok, so he's really done now, right?


Then this morning he sent me a text about a book he let me borrow, and about how he was sure he would never get it back. I replied (this being the first time since I broke it off that I responded) and said I would send it to him. He replied that he didn't care, he was just glad he didn't give me anything important. Alright! That's over!


This afternoon I got ANOTHER message from him about how he was sorry about the other messages, that he hated that he missed me, and he didn't understand, and didn't think I was telling him the real reason etc. etc.

I thought about pasting the actual messages here, but it would be too long to read and my summary is really quite enough. I'm hoping if I keep ignoring him, that will be the end of it. Something tells me it won't.

Needless to say, I'm off of online dating for a while. This shit is craaaazy.


Anonymous said...

You do not disappoint. This is surely one for the ages. Really?! Duct tape?! I couldn't have dreamt something crazier to happen to you, girl. I snorted at my desk and almost hurt my nose.

Phan said...

It would be super hilarious...if only it didn't happen to me. I am severely traumatized. There isn't enough Stoli Raz in the world.

I am OK said...

So apparently he wasn't looking to score??? Something is seriously wrong with him and not just his moobies.