Tuesday, April 28, 2009

zits...so over it

I'm in a really emo kind of mood. And I just used "emo" as a word. So there you go.

Typically the best blog posts (in my opinion, which is really the only one that matters) seem to come out of when I'm feeling...less than love and sunshine about things.

Welcome to one of those times.

I held it back for as long as I could, but my true and deep-seated (seeded?)exhibitionist personality needs to make it public knowlegde.


I'm back on Match.com

Some of your reactions are as follows: Good for her! Get back on that horse! (well maybe if you're my 88 year old grandmother, but only after I have to spend an hour screaming at you what the internet is all about)

Others: But! I don't know think...well...I mean...if you think it will help, sure I'll support your decision.

Yet others: Slut!

More others: Rock it, girl. Fuck yah, you DO your thing.

So, to you "more others," thank you! You know, I think maybe this time, something will stick and...I don't know if I don't try and...he's out there somehwere and...you don't want to die alone.

Then I start to think about, in my emo state...

...Idol is on in about 6 minutes. I mean, don't even get me started. I think you ALL KNOW what I will say if you even bring it up. Anoop was robbed, Pianos needs to take his corn teeth and PACK IT UP, and just because you wear a traditional suit, GLAM-BERT, does...not...mean...you are any less gay...

But I digress.

Dating online has once again already proved to be exhausting and not something I really even want to care about right now. Am I really doing this again? And why?

Well, Idol is on...and while I think this show is obscene and disgusting, I bend to its will.

Begin Shame Spiral!

Two words: Jamie Fox?!?!??!

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