Monday, December 22, 2008

Confessions of a 28th Holiday Season

The following short list of things occurred to me recently as things that I would never have thought I would find myself thinking. Well, maybe not ever. But these are still some long shots. If any of them make you throw up in your mouth a little, with shame-sympathy on my behalf, I apologize well in advance. These confessions are a big step for me, so please be kind. So kind. Shhhh.

Here we go:

I'm really hoping that Britney's new CD is a hit. I bought it, a REAL CD. I can't help but root for her. Shit!

The trailer to Marley & Me has made me tear up, multiple times. Crap!

Exercise really does make me feel better. Sigh.

I love my job. Seriously!

I don't so much mind the frozen tundra. Oh cruel world!

I'm actually looking forward to Christmas this year. Ahhh!

And the Ultimate Confession: I'm pretty fucking happy.*

*I know I know. Don't remind me (too much) or this blog is really going downhill fast.

1 comment:

Donald said...

I'm pretty fucking happy for you. I hope your 29th holiday season and beyond holds these same delights (except maybe the Britney thing; "If you seek Amy?"--don't be coy with us mouseketeer).
Love you, d