Monday, June 23, 2008

Hmmm...perhaps you are correct, Anonymous

Now, while any blog is typically, by nature, a self indulgent thing to have, a certain anonymous someone feels I am wrapped up in myself and has identified themselves (I think) as a "friend I used to have." I couldn't tell with the shoddy punctuation. But I'm almost CERTAIN I know who you are.

I did not publish this comment because it's an unfair judgment. If this person feels as though I have neglected them in some way, they should really just speak with me directly, instead of making an anonymous comment on my blog which has NEVER professed not to be self indulgent. Look at the title, for goodness sake!

I get the feeling that the person who posted it needs some attention. Happy now?

I almost didn't address this, because you know I detest drama. But you know what? It's the last fucking thing I need and I'm standing up for myself.


Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time commenter. I can't help but become enveloped with the drama in your life. I want to know what the posting said and what kind of retaliation you are going to let this vagrant have.
Give it to her!!!

Steph said...

OH YOU! Do I have a mysterious admirer? Gosh...that would be so exciting!

I have unfortunately deleted the scathing comment however, I paraphrased it quite thoroughly in this post.

Thank you, unabashedly, for your support.