Thursday, August 11, 2005

I have to pee so bad

Don't be upset. I know you've missed my witty banter. I've even missed my own witty banter.

I love my new job. I'm obsessed with it. I work many more hours that I used to. I've quickly become the company's number one fan. If you need a job and you're lucky enough to have my phone number, give me a call.

Right now, my bladder is about ready to explode.

I went to Atlantic City last weekend with some hot chicks. I saw boobs and box but no male strippers. It was unfortunate, especially since we were in the third largest city of sin. So it's back to Vegas for me, but boy did I bust out the big hair.

I'm off to the Cape this weekend for two FULL, uninterrupted days of relaxation.

My car is in a constant state of repair.

My credit card bill has now grown arms (hairy, manbeast arms) and tries to grab me and pin me down while chasing me in my sleep.

I have a round trip ticket to Atlanta and a suite reserved just for me. I have to get out the big suitcase.

The highlight of my day as of right now is getting into bed, freshly showered, and reading the new Harry Potter book until I pass out.

Life is good. I just need to win the lottery...or start playing.


Anonymous said...

I think you will have a great future and you don't really need to win the lottery. It will be sweeter if you do it yourself, and I KNOW you can. from Bruce

Steph said...

Bruce! You're so adorable. Thanks for making me smile...again. :)

Thleen said...

Steph, the Harry Potter book is a little slow through the 1st I'd say 5 sevenths. But the last 2 sevenths are fantabulous.

Brenda said...

Here is some IMPORTANT ADVICE: Always pee when you have to...don't wait. I am married to a Urologist and he is big on that. Brenda

Anonymous said...

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