Thursday, April 14, 2011


Oh my. I know I've been gone for a while. Things got busy and complicated and then I just kind of forgot I was writing in my blog again.

The free dating site activity has gone sharply downhill in terms of amusing anectodes. Turns out NE Guy knows a mutual friend and, well, he's trouble that I don't want to get mixed up in. His voice gave me the super creeps anyway.

Today though, I received the following message from username coolperson_pal:

"Hi I was wondering if we could talk sometime and get to know each other hope we can talk soon"

His short profile is written with additional missing puncuation and capitalization. It says he is 20. However, on careful inspection of his profile picture, he looks more like he's 15. Said picture is a very obvious school picture, complete with stiff pose and streaky school photographer backdrop. Then there is his username. Aw honey. Really? It's just so sad.

1 comment:

I am OK said...

Awwwwe, what a sweet little boy. Go on, forward him some porn - make his day.

(Glad your back!)