Thursday, September 11, 2008

A blog true to its name

Good lord! What is with the over-indulgent use of the ellipses?

I'm all for a good "dot dot dot" myself, but this has gotten out of control.

Admittedly, I use this particular tool here frequently, mostly for (comedic) effect.

In fact, I probably use parenthesises, quotation marks and double entendres entirely too much. But I always have a purpose, I always complete my thoughts. I don't leave you hanging (much).

Some sample of my outrage are below.

Text examples:

"I've never heard of that..."

"That sucks..."

Uhm, what?!?! and Why?!? The overuse is really making me angry.

Email examples:

"Thanks, Stephanie….."

"Thanks, Stephanie for checking into this…."

Were you going to complete that thought or did a period JUST not do enough for you?

I'm so worked up.

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